‘I am truly transformed, my fears burnt away. I got so much more than I expected or could have dreamed of! Very solidly held with expertise and love.’ 

An amazing weekend; all concerns due to unfamiliarity were unwarranted Maz  & Eva were welcoming, loving and beautiful people, they will guide you on an incredible journey where even the uninitiated will excel.’
‘Yesterday I walked on hot coals and I loved it…it felt so natural, healing, uplifting, symbolic….and like a prayer that was heard. I actually didn’t give it much thought beforehand or get in a head fu*k…partly cos I had been so busy cooking, but also because- as Michael Taylor and Eva Weaver so beautifully explained – our bodies know this stuff…our ancestors walked this rites-of-passage, and so can we! I have no burns, just a good feeling of being a Warrioress who can do anything with vision, focus and clear energy.’ Bayari Lou Beegan

‘I found the rebirthing workshop very moving & effective for me.I particularly appreciated the safe space that was created for this exploration.’  

‘Eva & Maz provide a safe, playful & energetic space to go adventuring into a variety of modalities. I have been energised and enlivened. You won’t regret trying all they have to offer.’  

‘The firewalk was held with great confidence, skill and reassurance.’

‘Eva & Maz created a safe and bright space to connect and create. I feel illuminated.’

‘A wonderful day of deeply profound experiences’

‘Great facilitators, ensuring a safe and caring environment for all students, so that they felt free to express their emotions in a confidential way.’

Breathwork is a powerful experience and here I felt safe and comfortable to allow myself to enjoy it.’

‘This is the second course I have attended. I am sure I will be back for another. Highly recommended. Everything  Eva and Maz do is valuable to me.’ 

‘Eva and Maz created a welcoming, courteous and caring space for those completely new to Breathwork and others who had had some experience with it.It gave me plenty to accept about myself and also ways to move forward with the knowledge of those discoveries. Both powerful and gentle– has to be experienced to be understood.’

A participant’s poem after the ‘INTO THE FIRE’ summer retreat at Eden Rise:

Heaven on Earth

 I walked the fire, late last night, beneath the Milky Way. 
Full of trepidation, but it turned out all OK.

I didn’t feel a thing, at all; hot kisses or fat blisters.
Just fire dancing on the coals with brothers and with sisters.

Yes, I walked the living coals last night, from ‘arrow breaking’ with my throat.
Allowing me to re-lease pain with a very screechy, high pitched note!

I rebirthed in the morning, I brought a serpent to this world, 
It had coiled for years within my gut, but yesterday unfurled.

I sat amongst my brethren, my fire walking tribe,
My new best friends, my ancestors with whom I share this vibe.

I journeyed to the underworld to check in with my wolf,
But having given birth to snake, was tired!  Too aloof.

To top it all, each morning and each lunchtime, evening too,
We were blessed with gifts from Heaven, yes Bayari’s ‘feasting do!’

It’s with gratitude I write these words, my life won’t be the same,
My thanks to all you, in this room.  I sure am glad you came!
 K.D, Ignite your Life Retreat, Totnes August 2014