A Transformational Samhain/Halloween Retreat at Boswedden House, Cornwall 30th of October -1st of November

Connect with your Erotic Power through Ecstatic Breathwork, Shamanic Journeying and a Fire ritual Fire snake

  •  Do you crave time out and a nourishing space to recharge?

  • Have you lost touch with your inner fire and erotic power and want to feel inspired and alive again?

  • Do you want to Ignite Your Life?

Then join us on this transformational retreat at Boswedden House, an award winning retreat centre in Cornwall.

Access pure life energy and release obstacles through Rebirthing Breathwork;
experience an ecstatic breathwork practice (Firebreath Orgasm) to nourish your erotic self;
learn simple tantric exercises for presence and connection & participate in a shamanic journey and a transformative fire ritual.


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Cost: £270 incl accommodation & veg. full board early bird £250 until 27th of September, non-residential £165

Info & to book:
m: 07757747027

To book:  A deposit of £135 will secure your place (residential) or £. Please email us at and we will send you bank details for transfer or address , in case you want to send cheque. 
Full payment is due one month before the retreat. If for some reason you are unable to attend the retreat the following applies:
a full refund of deposit is given if you give notice more than one month before the retreat; half of the full fees will be returned if you give notice two weeks before the start of the retreat. Any later, no fees can be returned unless you can fill your place with another person. 

People sometimes ask: ‘ WHY CORNWALL?!’
Well- I’ve travelled a fair bit in my life so far, but it is with Cornwall that I have sweet, wild and ongoing love affair.

I visited Cornwall for the first time twenty years ago, in the summer of 1994. I arrived in St Ives with my backpack after a bus ride on the National Express, excited, my head full of Daphne du Murier’s Rebecca and all sorts of wild and wonderful ideas about Cornwall. After a night on a small campsite and a visit to Barbara Hepworth’s magical sculpture garden, I headed up onto the coast path towards Land’s End.

I kid you not- the moment I stepped on that path, a cobalt blue sky above, cliffs and a turquoise sea to my right, I started weeping- I felt as if I was coming home, had arrived somewhere that I knew deep in my bones, my fibres; something that had been lost to me for a long time. I took a deep breath and started walking….and fell totally in love with this land! I slept amongst stone circles, hiked the coast path, drank from ancient sacred wells, swam off sandy beaches, watched seals and basking sharks….I filled my heart and well to the brim with impressions and inspiration.

Since then my love for Cornwall and especially for this magical stretch of land between St Ives and Land’s End has only deepened and I have returned numerous times, at least once a year, when I had something big to mull over, to relax, walk, write, finish projects- I even performed at a local performance festival some years ago. It’s my spiritual home, no doubt, I find inspiration and peace and joy here like in no other place.

I don’t know what it is, but the earth, the ground feels different here, deep, ancient, magnetic, one can feel that people have lived here for millennia and one can tap into this old energy- there are so many sacred sites along this stretch, stone circles, burial chaambers – Men and Tol, merry maidens, nine maidens are some of the more well known ones. I’ve danced here, have crawled through Men an Tol’s hole in the stone to shed old skins, brought groups here to create masks, go on shamanic journeys and honour our wild nature.

Ah, and did I mention the light? It’s for a good reason why so many artists live here as the light is special, bright, piercing, soft, luminous…

It was to THIS special stretch of land that I hoped we could bring our ‘IGNITE YOUR LIFE’ Samhain/Halloween Retreat and we were thrilled to find Boswedden House at Cape Cornwall. Only seven minutes away from the wild coast, with a gorgeous garden, labyrinth, heated indoor pool and sauna, we know it’s the perfect place for our Transformational Journey into Ecstatic Breathwork and Firewalking!

People have often asked me to run a slightly longer retreat than just the weekend- and so here it is- we will have three nights for this amazing adventure together!

So hop on the train and join us! Cornwall is well worth the 5 hour train journey from Paddington!   Eva Weaver


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Breathe yourself into Ecstacy!
Arouse and amaze your tastebuds!
Sharpen and affirm your personal and professional intentions!
Firewalk to ignite your vision!


Come and join us on a celebratory weekend with a CULINARY FEAST by Bayari Beegan from Heaven on Earth Feast, ECSTATIC BREATH- and ENERGY ADVENTURE, EROTIC SENSUAL SPACE and a COMMUNITY FIREWALK.

We are throwing a Summer Feast to bring like-spirited people together to play and learn from each other. We are mixing the firewalkers with the erotic energy breathers with the ecstatic dancers with the shamanic journeyers. Our location is an eco-friendly, spacious barn in magical Devon, close to Dartmoor and surrounded by glorious countryside.

Friday evening: Gathering and Feast for the senses
Saturday: Heavenly breakfast
Journey into Breath- breathwork.
Nourishing lunch in the courtyard
Afternoon options:
Ecstatic Breath and Energy Adventure
Time to immerse in nature – see the sacred lands, river and sculptures
or play in the sensual space
Create (we provide materials and you are welcome to bring your own)
Shamanic journey
Preparation for firewalk;
Latino Feast
The rites-of-passage FIREWALK!
Scrumptious deserts
Rolling brunch feast
Time to reflect, affirm , paint, write,
Circle and closing ceremony