Firewalking is an ancient tool for Transformation, Healing and Empowerment. It has been practiced for over 4000 years in many different cultures as diverse as Fiji, India, Greece, China, Central Africa and by some Native American tribes. Often Firewalking has been practiced as a  rite-of-passage or initiation of some kind.

Join us on an adventure that transforms and step into your life’s vision!

We offer Firewalking as part of  our retreats or by itself.
You will have the opportunity to hone your vision, become aware of what might hold you back and use the firewalk as a powerful catalyst to step into your life’s vision and create the life you want. Shed your old skins and let the new ones reveal themselves!

If Firewalking is possible, what else can you do in your life?!

Unlike a one evening firewalking event, on our retreat you will have the time and opportunity to process and integrate the experiences creatively on the last retreat day.
You do not have to walk the embers to receive the healing benefits.

We can also be hired for Charity events or to run a firewalk for a special training course or workshop. We have run Charity Firewalk for ‘Women In Power’ and  for Shakti Tantra’s BLISS one weeklong workshop. We are very excited to be offering our firewalk at QUEER SPIRIT– the first ever UK festival for queer spirituality! 
To enquire about hiring us for a firewalk, our prices and more information please email:

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WHAT PEOPLE HAVE SAID about other events:
‘The firewalk was held with great confidence, skill and reassurance.’  Participant ‘INTO THE FIRE ‘ retreat, Eden Rise

The firewalk was structured well and the exercises beforehand very valuable and gave me the confidence to undertake the firewalk without fear. A sacred space held well. Amazing!’ Vimla








An amazing weekend; all concerns due to unfamiliarity were unwarranted Maz Michael  & Eva were welcoming, loving and beautiful people, they will guide you on an incredible journey where even the uninitiated will excel.’

‘I am truly transformed, my fears burnt away. I got so much more than I expected or could have dreamed of! Very solidly held with expertise and love.’

‘Eva & Maz provide a safe, playful & energetic space to go adventuring into a variety of modalities. I have been energised and enlivened. You won’t regret trying all they have to offer.’  

Fire heart