‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.’ JW von Goethe

We offer creative Workshops and Retreats as well as         individual CREATIVITY COACHING

 Our workshops are a great way to experience different doorways into creating, such as  through breathwork, mindful observation and shamanic journeying.  Experiment with different media, find new approaches  and enjoy a nourishing and empowering day!

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12 of JUNE  Breathwork into Creativity- Breathe & Create!                        Experience how the power of breath can inspire your creative expression!

There is no life without breath- the more we breathe, the more life force we take in & the more alive we feel.

Conscious breathing has been used for centuries by people from many different cultures for healing, to increase wellbeing and to alter consciousness. It is an extremely powerful way to shift ordinary reality, to give power to our intentions, to increase energy and clarity.

Conscious breathing can also help us to ignite and nourish creativity.
In-spiration literally means the act of inhaling. Use your own breath to inspire your creative expression!

On this day we will show you easy to learn conscious breathing techniques, after which you will have the opportunity to choose one or more creative media (painting, drawing, writing or collage) and to express yourself from this empowered place.

Breathe and Be In-spired!

No previous experience needed.
Saturday 12th of June 10am-5pm in Saltdean, Brighton. We keep numbers small to create a supportive space.  Maz and Eva have many years of experience in facilitating groups for creative & personal growth. Cost: £55 incl. all materials, refreshments & homemade goodies!

For more Info and to book:
e: evaweaver@talk21.com

 31st of May   Writing Day-Explore new Ways into Writing                                                                                          free-writing, writing from the body, from mindful observation (haiku) and from shamanic journeying

There are many reasons why people write, some for pleasure and self-expression, some for profit, whilst others use writing as a contemplative practice. Whether you already write or are just starting to think about writing, this workshop could be for you.

We can enter writing from many doorways and on this day you will be experiencing some of these. You may find that how and what you write changes depending on how you enter into the writing. You will experience writing from the body (after movement practice) , you will also be going inside (journeying) and outside (observation) of yourself in order to stimulate your writing mind.

We will provide a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere in which you can experiment with walking through different doorways and see where they lead you.

                                                                           * * *
5th  July   IGNITE YOUR  CREATIVITY- a CREATIVITY DAY                                                             Ignite your creative spark & explore exciting ways to create from and in nature

Are you looking for a day in which you can explore and experiment with different creative approaches and media within the safety of a small, supportive group?

Come and join us for a day of creative nourishment, fun and creating! Connect with your creative source through free writing, movement, clay work, haiku and creating with and in nature.

You may be completely new to any creative expression and want to experience a range of creative media in order to see which ones resonate with you. Or, you may be very confident in one creative area and yet long to explore other areas. You may just want to treat yourself to a day in which you can play, experiment and explore your creative self.

No previous experience needed. All workshops take place on Saturdays 10am-5pm in Saltdean, Brighton.  We keep numbers small to create a supportive space and have many years of experience in facilitating groups for creative & personal growth.  

Cost:  £55 per day ( £200 for all four), incl. all materials, refreshments & homemade goodies! 
For more Info and to book: e: evaweaver@talk21.com   m:  07757747027

‘To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.’  John W. Gardner

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Do you want to connect or re-connect with your creativity but wonder how?                                                      ***
Have you always felt that there is a novel somewhere hidden inside of you,but you just don’t know how to make a start?
Did you give up your creative work because of other commitments,
disappointment or rejection and want to get back to it?
Do you dream of painting, writing, singing, performing but doubt that it is worth starting as you don’t see yourself as a ‘real artist’ or feel it is too late?                                                    ***
Have you come up against an obstacle in your art-practice or creative life that stalls you and that you would like to tackle?
Would you like to work deeper, more regularly and more committed
in your creative practice?

Whether you are at the beginning of your creative journey or a seasoned artist, Creativity Coaching can be helpful at every stage of your creative life.

As a Creativity Coach Eva  can support you in numerous ways that can impact positively on your creativity:
we can address practical, existential, economic or spiritual aspects,
specific issues such as time-management or broader themes such as lack of confidence, low self-esteem, rumination, burn-out or loss of meaning.

We can explore patterns that might hinder you in fulfilling your creative ambitions, find strategies for unblocking and moving forward, look at effective time management and project planning and celebrate your achievements.
The magical journey from a caterpillar to the butterfly guides us in this process: it is the NATURE of the caterpillar to transform into a butterfly and it is a matter of time and the right conditions for this transformation to occur.
Creativity is our BIRTHRIGHT and Eva has  witnessed this transformational journey again and again: with the right conditions, an unfolding of our creative selves will occur despite any difficulties or obstacles we might grapple with.

We can either work on a one to one basis, or via skype and/or email.
Face to face sessions are usually 1 hour, first sessions 1.5 hours and cost £60 per hour.
For 2014 Eva will also take on a few new clients for a new one-year long Creativity Coaching and Shamanism Mentoring programme.
Please contact Eva on: 07757747027
or mail: evaweaver@talk21.com 
We  look forward to hearing from you!