BACK TO SEX Coaching

Since 2016 Eva offers one to one sessions and courses supporting people to reconnect with their sexuality . Please have a look at her website:

There are many reasons why people have given up on sex, sometimes for a very long time. But sex is important, our birthright and possibly our most powerful life force. Whether you feel disheartened, hopeless, dis-connected or broken, I believe there is always a way forward. It takes courage to look at stumbling blocks to pleasure and a fulfilled sexuality, but no difficulty or obstacle is insurmountable. I invite you to embark on your journey BACK to SEX!

…is about finding your authentic erotic voice and self;
…supports you with gentle and powerful tools to re-connect with your sexuality, pleasure and your erotic self; …is not only about having sex (again) with yourself and others, but understanding that your sexuality is vast, so much bigger than a single sexual act;
…helps you to uncover limiting beliefs and tackle obstacles, get to know yourself (again ) as the gorgeous erotic, sexual being you are
. …meets you where you are right now on your journey and supports you to stretch and grow into your most expansive, juicy self.

‘Back to Sex’ is for anyone feeling stuck or disconnected from their sexuality and sexual expression, possibly for a long time for various reasons, who wants to re-connect with their sexuality and is committed to embark on this journey of self enquiry. Humour, fun and creativity are important ingredients on the journey and people of all genders, sexualities & (adult) ages welcome.

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