About Us

Maz and Eva cornwall

‘Ignite Your Life’ is  Maz Michael & Eva Weaver

Eva  and Maz  have many years of experience in facilitating groups for creative & personal growth.

Eva Weaver is a published novelist, Creativity Coach, Shamanic practitioner, Art Therapist
and Firewalk- Instructor. She also offers sessions and courses to support people to reconnect with their sexuality at ‘BACK TO SEX’   www.backtosex.com    www.evaweaver.com

Maz Michael is a BACP Accredited Person Centred Counsellor and a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (CBT approach).  Maz specialises in working therapeutically with people from the LGBTQ population. For more information see here.  Maz also holds a first degree in English Literature and is interested in writing as contemplative practice. 

Eva & Maz are both  trained as a Breathwork Practitioner from Sundoor, Peggy Dylan’s School of Transpersonal Education and are graduates of Barbara Carrellas’s Urban Tantra ® training course.

‘Eva & Maz Michael created a safe and bright space to connect and create. I feel illuminated.’

‘Eva & Maz Michael provide a safe, playful & energetic space to go adventuring into a variety of modalities. I have been energised and enlivened. You won’t regret trying all they have to offer.’